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Get list of changed cells in Excel using Asposse.Cells for Java

Hi. Do you have some “event model” for cell changes, or how i can recieve list of changed cells after changing one?

For example:
A1 = 1
A2 = 3
A3 = =A1+A2
A4 = A3+A2

If i get cell A1 and set value to 2, i should recieve list of two cells [A3,A4], or handle two event about chaning A3 and A4

Best regards. Alexey


Please note events are not supported in Aspose.Cells for Java API. However, you can try precedents and dependents feature with getPrecedents or getDependents method. See the document with example code for your reference:

Hope, this helps a bit.


Thanks for you answer. Now we already using this API feature. But it works too slow for us. Also is very uncomfortable to get instance of Worksheet for each precedent. As shows JetBrains decompiler - ReferredArea already contains Worksheet instance. Why there is no getter for it?

Best regards. Alexey


We need to analyze this slowness issue in detail for which your sample template file and compilable simplified console application is required which can be executed here with the latest version of Aspose.Cells for Java without any error. Also please explain the getter issue and we will provide assistance once details are received.