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Get "Evaluation only" message when generating mai labels passing tags- but not when passing datareader


When I generate mailing labels passing tags to the execute command, I get this message on top of the mailing labels document...

"Evaluation Only. Created with Aspose.Word. Copyright 2003-2004 Aspose Pty Ltd."

However, when I pass in a datareader, it doesn't display this message on the top of the document. Any idea how to prevent this from happening?

Here's the tags code...

Dim arTags() As String = New String(5) {}
Dim arValues() As Object = New Object(5) {}

arTags(0) = ("GroupName")
arValues(0) = _GroupProfile.GroupName
arTags(1) = ("Address")
arValues(1) = _GroupProfile.Address
arTags(2) = ("Address2")
arValues(2) = _GroupProfile.Address2
arTags(3) = ("City")
arValues(3) = _GroupProfile.City & (",")
arTags(4) = ("State")
arValues(4) = _GroupProfile.State
arTags(5) = ("Zip")
arValues(5) = _GroupProfile.Zip

Dim oDoc As Document = New Document(_strTemplatePath & strMailLabelTemplateName)
With oDoc
.MailMerge.RemoveEmptyParagraphs = True
.MailMerge.Execute(arTags, arValues)
.Save(strSavePath, SaveFormat.FormatDocument)
End With

Here's the datareader code...

Dim doc As Document = New Document(_strTemplatePath & strMailLabelTemplateName)
With doc
.MailMerge.RemoveEmptyParagraphs = True
'Mail merge member addresses from DataReader to the document.
.Save(strSavePath, SaveFormat.FormatDocument)
End With

Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Sofia :)

Dear Sofia,

Please make sure:

  1. You set the license before document creation in both cases.
  2. You use the latest version of Aspose.Words (the evaluation string shows you don't Smile [:)]).

If nothing helps, please feel free to post it here.