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Get shape prop by name


Also. Prop.Prompt.Value doesn’t return that is actually IN the prompt cell for that shape and i need to get that data.



Thanks for sharing these details.

We were able to observe the issue that you are facing and logged your requirements under the ticket ID DIAGRAMNET-51611 in our issue tracking system. We will further investigate the logged ticket in details and keep you posted with the status of its resolution. Please spare us little time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


HI! Any updates on this?

Thanks :slight_smile:


The issues you have found earlier (filed as DIAGRAMNET-51611) have been fixed in Aspose.Diagram for .NET 19.2.



We would like to share with you that your earlier logged issue (DIAGRAMNET-51611) has been resolved in latest release of Aspose.Diagram for .NET which can be downloaded using link given in above notification. In case of any further assistance, please feel free to let us know.


Hi! Great! So I DO see some more info now, like the value in “Prompt”, but it’s not for all the props. Just some. Also, I am only seeing about half of the props when I look at shape.Props. For example in the file I gave you, in shape MotorOpenServoLoad (shapeID=1), when I open the ShapeSheet I see 20 different props. I only see about 7 in my code when on that shape. Also, When i call, i expect to see Prop.Port1 (for example), right now I see what is in the LABEL cell. I need the name AND the label or all props in that shape. Am I doing something wrong with my code or is this another fix that is required? Thank you SO much for your help thus far!




Thanks for your feedback.

The earlier ticket was logged to implement feature to get correct Prop.Prompt Value and it was resolved. However, we need to further investigate the feasibility if you need to retrieve all Props from Shape. For which sake, we have logged a ticket as DIAGRAMNET-51614 in our issue tracking system. We will keep you informed in case of any further updates regarding its resolution. Please spare us little time.


Hi! Just wanted to follow up on this. thanks :slight_smile:



Thanks for your inquiry.

Could you please try using Shape.InheritProps Property using Aspose.Diagram for .NET 19.2 as following:

foreach (Aspose.Diagram.Prop prop in shape.InheritProps) {

Please share your feedback in case your all requirements are still not met. We will further proceed to help you accordingly.


YES!!! This appears to be exactly what I need! Thank you!!!



Thanks for your feedback.

Please keep using our API and in case you have any other inquiry, please feel free to create a new topic. We will be more than happy to assist you.



I am SO CLOSE to having everything i need. The LAST thing I noticed is that in Shape.InheritProps prop.type is not the VALUE in the type column. Instead it is a type such as “string”. How can i get the VALUE in the Type column as presented in the shape sheet (in the attachments i gave you earlier I have types that are “0” and “1” and “no formula”).




Thanks for getting back to us.

We have logged your concerns under previously logged ticket and as soon as we have some additional updates regarding investigation, we will let you know. Please spare us little time.



Could you please try using following code snippet and share your feedback if it fulfills your requirements:



Hi! yes that works for some things. However some cells in the shape sheet are listed as No Formula (see attachment for screenshot). How are those value interpreted by Aspose. They seem to result in 0 or “” but i need to see those cells as different from those whose value is ACTUALLY listed as 0 or “”. See attachment for example. AsposeShapeSheetExample.PNG (6.7 KB)



We will investigate your requirements further and will share our feedback with you as soon as investigation is completed. Please spare us little time.


Hi! My request phrased another way… can i get access to prop.type and have it return a string? So it would return " 0" or “1” or “” (for No Formula). Those are the values that are in those cells. Pulling out the info in those cells as a STRING is the real key of what i want to do. IF that cell contains “No Formula” i with to get back an empty string “” (again please reference the png of a shapesheet that I attached in my previous post.



prop.Type.Value is an enum that means:

0 String
1 FixedList
2 Number
3 Boolean
4 VariableList
5 DateTime
6 Duration
7 Currency 

Could you please share a sample Diagram file where shape props have ‘No Formula value’ as type, just like the image you had shared with us.


Hi. yes i understand the enum meaning. Attached is the drawing that has the shape sheet with “No Formula”. Currently Aspose is giving me the Enum 0 (or String) for those empty cells can you return -1 for cells with no formula or 8? I just need someway to distinguish it (159.7 KB)



Thanks for elaborating your requirements further. We are looking into your requirements and will share our feedback as soon as we have some results.