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Get text from shapesex

It seems that things have changed greatly with ShapesEx.

I am trying to find some text in a slide. It seems that in the ‘non ex’ version of the product that was fairly easy to do. Now I cannot find a way to do this with your .net product.

I can see that there is a IsTextHolder property and with the Java version there does seem to be a way to get the text from the shape but there does not seem to be a way in C#.

I have checked the forum and there is no info.

Could you please supply a little guidance on this.



Hi Pat,

I have tried to understand the issue shared by you. It will be really convenient for me if you may please share some more information about what actually is desired by you along with the source presentation. Moreover, in order to extract the slide text in PPTX, please visit this link.

Thanks and Regards,

The sample code was what I needed. Thanks.