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Getting Evalutation message on licensed copy- sometimes

Occasionally I get the "Evaluation Copy of Aspose.Email Component:" message in the subject line of an email sent by the control, then it goes away. The message does not also appear in the body of the email, as it did in both places prior to my purchase of the control.

It seems to occur on the first invocation of the control after I copy the project to it's production web location, and sometimes after the website is idle for more than a few hours.

I suspect that means that it occurs whenever the control is dumped from memory and reloaded. I would think then that there's an error in the control's check for licensing, and it invokes the message for the subject line once, then stops on every call after that until the control gets reloaded.

I'm using the 1.1.6 version. I see (on looking real quick here) that there's now a 1.1.8 version. Would that fix this issue?

Dear swallace,

Thanks for your post.

Could you share your code with me? And we have to make sure that before sending any email, the license is validated.

for example, the code that setting the license files should be invoked before any actual actions.