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Getting formatted value for a Cell


I have a requirement to get the cell value after applying the configured formatting when the cell is formatted to display the rounded value.


I have a cell where the value might be a decimal value. On the display I want to display it as a rounded number. But, when I use it, I should be able to use the original value (i.e., the exact decimal number).

I know this is possible in Ms. Excel. But I am not able to find the API where I get the formatted value instead of the absolute value. For value retrieval I am unsing Cell.getValue() API which I know is not the right API.

Please help me in this regard. I am sending the sample code which I am using.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Malay,

Thanks for the code with template files.

When I run your code with your template files I got the original value "11.05", Is it not your need and do you not get this? Following is my output result:

Main Method START ....
Cell Value = null
Cell Value = 11.05
Main Method EXIT ....

If you want get the int value only you may use Cell.getIntValue() method, It will give you "11" only.

Thank you.

Hi Amjad,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I think I failed to communicate my expectations correctly in my last post. Let me put my example in a different way.

Suppose the original value is 14.055.

Assuming that I do not know the formatting that has been applied in the cell I would like to get the value as 14 (if the cell is formatted to display integer value) OR 14.05 (if the cell is formatted to display decimal values upto 2 precisions after decimal point) ON THE FLY (at runtime).

The solution suggested by you expects me to know the formatting on a particular cell (then only I can invoke getIntValue() kind of APIs). But I don't want to be concerned about the formatting; I just need to get the displayable value after formatting has been applied.

Please let me know if you need furthor clarification.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Malay,

Please try this fix, you can use Cell.getStringValue() to get the formatted result of given cell’s value

Hi Amjad,

Thanks for the guidiance.


Hey Johnson,

Thanks for your help too. I appreciate the quick reply from you. Your suggestion answers my question.