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Getting Information if Smtp connection not established


1) I am using the following code for sending Bulk mail , and it works fine for me if i enter correct values for server,username,password etc

But if I am entering some wrong values, for eg::- a wrong password . it is not giving any intimation… How can I know that the smtp connection is established b4 calling bulkAgent.start(). …

smtpClient = new SmtpClient(“smtpServer”);
smtpClient.Port = port;
smtpClient.Username =" myName@domain.com";
smtpClient.Password = “pass”;
smtpClient.Timeout = 2500;

bulkAgent = new SmtpClientBulkSendAgent(smtpClient);

2) Also is it possible to create a log file of all aspose related operations ,using ‘Aspose.Network.Logging’ . How can i use that?

Please give me a reply ASAP


Hi Jaz,

1) We are looking into this issue.

2) Log files for Smtp operations are not currently supported. This feature may be included in future releases.

Hi Saqib,

thanks for your reply

1) Expecting a fix soon

2 )for what is ‘Aspose.Network.Logging’ for?



1) any Progress???


Sorry for my delays.

1. Because the SmtpBulkSendAgent is using multi-threading to send out emails, the exceptions and errors do not throw out directly. Insteaded, we catched the exceptions and put all them into InnerExceptions collection. Another property naming TotalFailed is a counter for total errors found in the bulksending. You should check these properties after the send is done.

2. For the logging namespace, we will add more logging feature to the components in the future release. We do not expose the logging interface at this time. If you have any idea about logging the mail sending conversations, feel free to share with me.

Thanks a lot.