Getting #Name in some of the cells when formula is applied


I am using aspose cells for generating Excel and saving excel in xlsb format. But After 256 columns I am Getting #Name for The cells where Formula is applied . Please the sample code below for saving file in xlsb format.

String headerKey = “Content-Disposition”;
String headerValue = String.format(“attachement; filename=”%s"", fileName);
response.setHeader(headerKey, headerValue);
OutputStream outStream=response.getOutputStream();
SaveOptions saveoptions=new Saveo, SaveFormat.XLSB);



Thanks for the sample code segment.

Well, your provided code segment is not enough to evaluate your issue. Also, the issue might be in your code, so could you create a simple sample project (runnable), zip it and post us here to reproduce the issue, we will check your issue and try to figure it out soon. Also attach your template files (input file(if any) and output file, etc.).