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Getting the result of a formula

dear support,

I have a string variable that might look like
> a reference to a cell , eg A1
> a reference to a cell range, eg A1:B1
> a formula, eg CONCATENATE(A1;“hello”)
> a fixed value, eg whatever

is there a simple way to interprete the results.
> case #1 : it should return the value in that cell. This works with CalculateFormula
> case#2 : it should return an array with the values of the cells in the range. Does not work with CalculateFormula
> case #3 : is should return the result of the formula, does not work with CalculateFormula
> case #4 : does not work with CalculateFormula

thanks for your thoughts,



Thanks for providing us some details.

I have evaluated your scenarios/ cases a bit but could not spot any issue, may be I could not understand your presented cases precisely. We appreciate and it would be of great help to evaluate your issues thoroughly if you could provide sample code snippets for each case with template file(s) if you have any so we could evaluate your issues properly and may log appropriate tickets for analysis into our database.

Thank you.