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Is there any example code showing how to use the Microsoft Graph client?


Aspose.Email supports following clients mentioned in picture beloiw.

According to the release notes Graph client is supported starting version 19.12. And when I try using it, I see that it is actually implemented. The only thing I am missing is some example code to give me a head start.


This is primarily for REST based implementation. We are investigating this on our end and will get back to you with feedback as soon as possible. Can you please also share the use case where you want to use GraphClient in your application as it will be helpful to us in understanding requirements and getting back to you.

Here is Aspose’s own online documentation of the Graph client:


It is an email client. So what about sending an email message?

The point I want to make is that the Aspose documentation has example code for all Client classes, except Graph.


You are right that its available in API docs. This is partially implemented in API and partially released, and we are still working over it. I have created a ticket with ID EMAILNET-39877 in our issue tracking system to work on providing usable examples to get started with it based on presently available features. We hope to share the example with you in coming week in this regard and request for your patience.

Ok, thank you.
For my use case I would need to:

  • send messages
  • receive messages
  • move messages to another folder


Sure, we will get back to you with feedback as soon as possible.


Attached please find the working examples for GraphClient for your convenience. (8.8 KB)