Hi, alcrus!

Can you please explain me, why do I get three different shape objects instead of one for the attached file?

Thank you in advance


I have a Diagram on a slide, aspose parser returns following objects:




Each object type is rendered in my programm. As they have different properties I get messed picture. So, I have one diagram and three objects, how do I know which one is correct?

Is it "aspose"'s bug or some other thing? Please do not leave my problem unattended.

Thank you in advance, with regards Maksat.


Your slide contains 3 shapes.

  1. Excel Chart
  2. Image of chart in EMF format
  3. PowerPoint Chart

    All 3 objects are different and really exist on slide but 1 and 2 are invisible.

    Try to delete chart from slide and do Edit->SelectAll.

    Some invisible object will be selected and you can delete it.



Thank you for explaining it to me. But the problem still remains unsolved. So is there any way to filter invisible objects using your component?

Thank you in advance, with regards Maksat.


The best solution is not add such invisible shapes on a slide of course.

By the way, do you know any ways how such objects can be created in MS PowerPoint?

Really shapes in ppt don’t have any visibility flags so I think it’s something wrong with this ppt.


Sorry, but I do not know how this ppt file was created.

But, thanks any ways.