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Great job on Aspose.Words 11.8

I started using your product with Aspose.Words 4.0 and just upgraded to 11.8.

Your product has gotten very solid and you have fixed every bug I have sent you. I append thousands of sections through it every month and I no longer get any errors.

I would completely stop using Microsoft Word on my server if your product would save a pdf with redlines and would build the table of contents.

Great job Aspose!

Hi David,

Thanks for your inquiry. Please note that Aspose.Words try to mimic the same behavior as MS Word do. You can use DocumentBuilder.InsertTableOfContents method to build table of contents. Please use latest version of Aspose.Words for .NET 11.9.0 and check following code snippet for your kind reference.

// Use a blank document

Document doc = new Document();

// Create a document builder to insert content with into document.

DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

// Insert a table of contents at the beginning of the document.

builder.InsertTableOfContents("\\o \"1-3\" \\h \\z \\u");

// Start the actual document content on the second page.


// Build a document with complex structure by applying different heading styles thus creating TOC entries.

builder.ParagraphFormat.StyleIdentifier = StyleIdentifier.Heading1;

builder.Writeln("Heading 1");

builder.ParagraphFormat.StyleIdentifier = StyleIdentifier.Heading2;

builder.Writeln("Heading 1.1");

builder.Writeln("Heading 1.2");

builder.ParagraphFormat.StyleIdentifier = StyleIdentifier.Heading1;

builder.Writeln("Heading 2");

builder.Writeln("Heading 3");

builder.ParagraphFormat.StyleIdentifier = StyleIdentifier.Heading2;

builder.Writeln("Heading 3.1");

builder.ParagraphFormat.StyleIdentifier = StyleIdentifier.Heading3;

builder.Writeln("Heading 3.1.1");

builder.Writeln("Heading 3.1.2");

builder.Writeln("Heading 3.1.3");

builder.ParagraphFormat.StyleIdentifier = StyleIdentifier.Heading2;

builder.Writeln("Heading 3.2");

builder.Writeln("Heading 3.3");

// Call the method below to update the TOC.


doc.Save(MyDir + "AsposeOut.pdf");

It would be great if you please share some more information about your query related to "save a pdf with redlines".