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Grid installed.... Now What?

HI. I just installed the grid, which went fine. Now what? I expected to see some new controls in my VS toolbox, or some kind of ReadMe to tell me how to add one of these dudes to my application. Did I miss something in the documentation? I'd like to evaluate this as soon as possible. I am using VS 2005 and SQL 2005 on XP professional.

Thank you for your time and attention -

Eric Christianson

Hi Eric,

Please check the online docs at .

Hi Laurence -

Thank you for responding. I have perused the online documentation. Question: Is there somewhere in that documentation that simply provides information on how to add a Aspose grid to a web application? All I see is promotioanal material and online demo's that are really great, but do not give us the next step. I have added the demos directory to VS 2005, and, after conversion to 2005, what I get is the same OnLine Demo's page from your online documentation. I hope you can help, because, otherwise we will move on in search of a solution to our needs.

Thank you again for your time -

Eric Christianson


This article shows how to add the GridWeb control to the toolbox,

This article shows creating a GridWeb application with vs 2005,

BTW, I am the main developer of the GridWeb product. If you have any further technique questions, you may contact me. My email is

Thank you.

Thank you Henry -

This looks exactly like what I need.