Gridweb minimum columns default


I am unable to set the minimum number of columns in aspose gridweb. It is by default showing 8 columns. I need to set is as 5 or 6 based on my requirement. Even if i am generating an excel with one column it is giving me eight columns through gridweb.
Can u please specify how the user can set the minimum rows/columns in a gridweb viewer.


Also when i try to delete a column, its not deleting the column, It rather deletes the column contents.


Thanks for your query.

Well, you may try to use MinRow/MaxRow and MinColumn/MaxColumn attributes of GridWeb programmatically (e.g in Page_Load event of your .aspx web page) in your code for your requirements.

Sample code:
GridWeb1.MaxColumn = 6;
GridWeb1.MaxRow = 6;

Moreover, Aspose.Cells.GridWeb follows MS Excel standards and specifications when deleting a column. For example, in GridWeb, you click on Column A header to select the whole column, now right-click on the selected Column A data to open the context menu and then click “Delete Column” option. The Column A with its data/contents would be removed but all other columns (with data) would be shifted to left (i.e., Column D would become Column C. Similarly, Column C would become Column B and Column B would be Column A now. etc.).

If you still have any confusion/issue, kindly let us know with details, we will be happy to assist you soon.

Thank you.