Group Headers


I’m evaluating Aspose Excel and Pdf as a replacement for Crystal. I really need to be able to have something like the group header functionality in Crystal where column headers can be repeated at the top of data on every page or where a data value is repeated at the top of every page corresponding to the actual data being displayed on that page. This would be the case for pdf output but not for Excel output.

Assuming that I create the report with the Excel control, is it possible to add that type of functionality programmatically using the pdf control or is there some other way of achieving what I need?




Dear Roy,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

First let me explain how Excel2Pdf works. The Excel document is saved to xml which macht Aspose.Pdf’s xml format and then Aspose.Pdf converts this xml to pdf.

In Aspose.Pdf, dynamic header is not supported. That means all pages in a section have the same header in general. But we have support different header for odd and even pages, first page and subsequent pages. If these features can’t match your reauirement, then it is not possible to implement what you want by programming in Aspose.Pdf.