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Guide to install Aspose.Words in Apache?

Hi all!

I wonder if there is a quick guide somewhere to call Words from PHP over Apache. The info here doesn’t look like it’s a trivial question:


The link to php.net seems to contain very outdated info (PECL, stuff for PHP 4).

And this thing?


If I understand, I must first install Tomcat, then what?

Actually I’m using a .jar file I call via “java -jar file.jar”, but that seems slow. I understand that using Tomcat/Java-bridge will be faster?

Thanks for any comments!

* If there’s a better alternative, I’d be glad to know about it :wink:

Hi Julifos,

Can you please share which operating system are you working on?

Best Regards,

I’m developing in a Mac, but the final thing will be in a Linux server (Ubuntu, most probably). Here the java -jar invocation is launching some kind of jar runner or something (like any other app in the Dock). Not sure if it’s PHP’s fault, using Aspose.Words or the way the jar file was compiled? I’m just doing some tests, but I must know what are the requirements for this project, and I would like to know what are the differences between running the jar file via java CLI or installing something like Tomcat.

I will be processing upon request various Word docs and images, so a difference of 250 ms (for example) wouldn’t make many difference for me in terms of CLI versus Tomcat approach.

Hi Julifos,

We will test at our end in the same environment and share our findings with you soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Hi Julifos,

If you have PHP 5.x and Tomcat installed, you can follow the installation instructions given at http://php-java-bridge.sourceforge.net/pjb/installation.php to install PHP/Java bridge. After that you can test a Hello World application as described at http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/wordsjava/PHP+and+Aspose.Words+for+Java. I did not see any issue and performance is also fine.

Please try it at your end and share your code with Sample document if you see any issue.

Best Regards,