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Handling a new era in the Japanese calendar in .NET


We are currently using Aspose Total(Licensed) in our product - for generating reports in specific format.
Recently there was an update from MSDN regarding Japanese era change that is likely to happen by April 30th 2019.
Below is the link for this blog:


So from our team we would like to know if Asposeis using JapaneseCalender or JapaneseLuniSolarCalender in your product. If yes, then there could be impacts/issues because of this era change.

Can you please look into this and update us with below information?

  1. Is Aspose using any of these JapaneseCalender or JapaneseLuniSolarCalender classes in their products?
  2. If yes, how do you plan to handle it so that end-user products are not impacted?
  3. Can we expect an upgrade or a patch release with these changes?

Thanks and Regards,


Thanks for contacting support.

Following Aspose APIs do not use any of these Calendar Classes:

  • Aspose.PDF
  • Aspose.HTML
  • Aspose.Diagram
  • Aspose.3D
  • Aspose.EPS
  • Aspose.XPS

We are further gathering information regarding remaining APIs offered by Aspose and will update you. However, it would be helpful if you share a bit more details like which Aspose API you are more concerned with and what type of functionality you use to implement using that API. We will also check relative details and share our feedback with you.


Thanks for your patience.

Regarding following APIs offered by Aspose, mentioned change has no effect:

  • Aspose.CAD
  • Aspose.PSD
  • Aspose.Imaging
  • Aspose.Words
  • Aspose.Slides

Furthermore, Aspose.Tasks also does not support any of these calendars. We are not going to implement full support for it as separate feature but, we can enhance the support of Japanese culture step-by-step in the feature is required.

Aspose.Cells use JapaneseCalendar for formatting cell values for jp-JP locale. At the moment, we just build the JapaneseCalendar and use it to format DateTime values. If .NET Framework supports or changes its logic for some features, it can also be supported in API.

In event of any further query, please feel free to let us know.


Aspose.BarCode also does not use JapaneseCalendar or JapaneseLunisolarCalendar classes but for DateTime class we use InvariantCulture so Aspose.BarCode is not affected.

Although, there are few converters mostly in GUI related codes that use CultureInfo class and therefore Japanese-related instance of CultureInfo could be passed but it also wouldn’t affect Aspose.BarCode.

Moreover, we will upgrade our APIs if any such requirement appears.