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Handling > 65-536 Rows

I am currently evaluating various tools that would allow us to create Excel spreadsheets from within our ASP.NET application.

I’m trying to determine how I might handle a situation where I want to use ImportDataTable (or ImportFromDataReader) to import a DataTable (or SqlDataReader) where the source contains > 65,536 rows (the maximum that can be put into a worksheet).

I’ve created a test case and am trying to use the following form of the method:

public int ImportDataTable(
DataTable dataTable,
bool isFieldNameShown,
int firstRow,
byte firstColumn,
int maxRows,
int maxColumns

However, the following lines of code is giving me an ArgumentOutOfRangeException, but unfortunately isn’t telling me which argument is the problem.

int j = cells.ImportDataTable( dt, true, 1, 1, 10, 10 );

Any suggestions on the specific problem I’m having, and the more general question of handling DataTables with > 65,536 rows?

This exception is caused by the rows of data in your DataTable exceeding 65536. I will shape the ImportDataTable method when meeting DataTables with > 65536 rows.