Header and footers and merging documents


Aspose.Word Folk,
I am using the standard importnode pattern of merging multiple documents into a single document. I have a problem with the source document overiding the header and footer of the destination document. I have tried using the deleteheaderfooter method which didnt work. I also tried grabbing the headerandfooter nodes that are in the destination document and putting them in every section object. This didnt work either. Is there a way I keep the header and footer information in the destination document during importation?



Thank you for considering Aspose.

If possible, please attach your documents, this would allow us to make a concrete suggestion for you.


Here is the sample document. I would really appreciate it would you can rapidly find a solution to this problem.


Ignore the attachment in my previous post. Attached is a zip file contain my destination document named destination.doc and the source directory contains all of my source documents.


Try to use


instead of


Does the result suit you?


AppendContent didn't work cause one of my source documents contains two columns. And when I use the AppendContent method it changes the two column section into a one column section.


Sorry for the delay. I tried to call Section.ClearHeadersFooters for every imported section and it worked as expected. I’m attaching the resulting file.

This method deletes text of headers/footers of the section so MS Word treats them as linked to previous. I think this is the easiest way to avoid replacing of headers/footers. Another way is copying headers/footers where needed, and AppendContent is just an alternative.

Did you try using ClearHeadersFooters? Is this what you meant by not working method and why it failed for you then?