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Header / footer image question

We are currently evaluating whether your Aspose.Excel product will be able to meet our needs for generating dynamic Excel reports in .NET…

Could you please tell me if you support images in the header / footer of the Excel spreadhsheet? I’ve seen the picture object in your API, but not sure if we can insert it directly into the spreadsheet header or footer, and it’s one of our key requirements.



Dear Anna,

Currently this feature is not supported in Aspose.Excel. I will add this feature in the next hotfix. It will be released within one week.

In the new fix, you can insert images directly into the designer spreadsheet’s header and/or footer, and Aspose.Excel will keep these setting in the result spreadsheet file.

Dear Anna,

The new fix 1.5.11 is released. The header/footer image support in designer file feature is added. Please download it.