Heading placement in HTML


I am creating table and inserting cell in it and writing some text in it using center allignment.

When I save it in Doc format text is mid of the page but when I save it in htm format text is slightly alligned towards left. is there any way that i can get the width of the page and set it to the cell width so that when i save the result in htm format text comes in center.


Please attach the sample document or html file illustrating the problem. I will check what could be done.


Please find attached the htm file.


The text is to the left and off center in the HTML because the text is center aligned inside a table cell. Aspose.Words outputs only explicit cell widths (not percent) into HTML at the moment. The browser window is different from the width of the printed page so you get it off center. If you take the text out of the table cell, it will be center aligned properly. Aspose.Words might later be improved to export percent cell widths into HTML as percent.