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Height and Width properties- what units are used?

In the documentation, nothing is said about the unit which is used.

If I check the file properties in the PDF program, it says 841*594mm
This is a large landscape mode drawing.

In Aspose.PDF, the document PageInfo is Width 595 and Height 842, with IsLandscape=false
So PageInfo seems to be millimeters, but the sizes seems to be exchanged, or landscape flag is wrong.

But all the Box-properties on the document.Page object is Width=2383,94 and Height 1683,78
Is that a different unit?

Hi Ole,

Thanks for your inquiry. Please note as described in documentation that Point is measuring unit of Aspose Pdf and 72 points=1 Inch=25.4 mm. In case of A4 page size, coordinates of lower left corner are (0,0) and top right corner are (594,841) in points. Hopefully it will help you to understand the measuring units while working with Aspose.Pdf.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Best Regards,

My concern was that in the online documentation, when you check the actual widt & height properties, nothing is stated about the units. Which is a major piece of information in my opinion. You should not be required to search for it somewehere else.

And what if the file is in other DPI than 72? Or isn’t that possible?

Hi Ole,

Thanks for sharing the details.

We will surely add the measuring unit information over respective documentation pages. Now concerning to your other query on DPI impact when working with page measuring,

The conversion from point to pixel depends on an image’s DPI (dots per inch) property. For example, if an image’s DPI is 96 (96 pixels for each inch), and it is 100 points high, its height in pixels is (100 / 72) * 96 = 133.3. The general formula is: pixels = ( points / 72 ) * DPI.