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Heirarchy Demo

I am trying to use the grid similar to the Heirarchy Demo, where I have a dataset with 2 tables and have set relations in them. I am trying to do this at run time. Is this possible?

My code is below:

if (!IsPostBack)
DataSet ds = DBConnect.GetUserToInstitutionsDS(); //this returns a dataset with 2 tables in it

WebWorksheet sheet = GridWeb1.WebWorksheets[0];

sheet.DataSource = ds;



Is there something else I need to do to show both of these tables within the grid?

Thanks in advance.


Since your dataset contains two tables, you should specify the sheet's DataMember property, just like this:

sheet.DataSource = ds;

sheet.DataMember = "parent_table";


I did that and it still only shows the 1 table. If I set the data memeber to "child_table" it will show the child table and not the parent. I just can't get it to show both like the heirarchy example. I'm using version

Is there any property or anything I need to set or anything in design mode that could be causing this?


Version 1.7.1 doesn't support hierachical view feature. Please use 1.7.2 or later version.

Here is the release history:

Thank you.

That fixed it.

Thanks for the help.