Help ! Add a cell or Add a Row


Hi everybody !!!

If I want to add a new cell at a certain position or or a new row between two existing rows, what should I do?




Hi Niel,

Do you use Aspose.Excel for .NET or Aspose.Excel for Java?

To access a cell, please check for Aspose.Excel for .NET and for Aspose.Excel for Java.

To insert a new row, please use Cells.InsertRow or Cells.InsertRows method in Aspose.Excel for .NET.

Aspose.Excel for Java doesn't support to insert row/column now. We will add this feature in the future release. It will be available before the mid of December. Please check for Aspose.Excel for Java development plan.


Thanks a lot for such a speedy reply. I am using Aspose.Excel for java. I think I have to wait for few more days. No probs.

Anyway, I would like to appreciate your efforts to bring out such an wonderful software. It will definitely help the java developers.