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HELP! Apose Cells

Hello...we have a purchased license of Aspose Cells dated 4/14/2009. I have a xlsx file with charts that i created in office 2007. I then use Aspose Cells to update some cell data and save the file. When I do, the charts formatting is changed as well as some other chart layout changes. I then tried to only open and save the xlsx and Aspose still affected the charts. When he saves the file, the filesize is different also. Can you help????


Well, since you are using Aspose.Cells v4.7.1 that is old version, so there might an issue with it. Or, by that time, there were not much enhancements added/included for Excel 2007 file formats.

We recommend you to use our latest versions of the product, e.g v6.0.0.3 (attached). For your information, we made tremendous enhancements regarding Excel 2007 and 2010 file formats in new versions (e.g v5.0.0 - 6.0.0 etc.).

If by using the latest versions, you still find any issue, kindly do provide us sample files with code to reproduce the issue on our end, we will fix the issue. You may comment out the licensing lines of code to use latest versions/fix. You might also need to update your existing codes a bit as some new nampespaces and introduced and certain API are moved to their respective namespaces now to make the API more organized.

Thank you.