HELP ! Manipulating Bookmarks

Hi Aspose Team,
Ref: find my requests about “How to remove bookmark and it’s content”
After hours trying to solve our issues on removing bookmarks and their contents with no satisfaction, I ask to your development team to provide a complete function which treats all the cases. It’s really difficult to us to test our word reports without that.

The cases we are using :
- empty paragraphs preceding or following the bookmark to remove
- table preceding or following the bookmark to remove
- end of a bookmark preceding the bookmark to remove
- begin of a bookmark following the bookmark to remove

I’ll appreciate a prompt response because we are about to deliver our software but this can’t because of this issue.

I think you are able of making a miracle for us.

Thank you

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Thanks for your inquiry. Here is your original thread:
Could you please explain what doesn’t work? I will try to reproduce the issue and provide you more information. As I remember from your original thread there is problem with mergefield during removing bookmark with its content. Have you tried to remove the bookmark before performing mail merge as I suggested?
Best regards.