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Help needed with 2.0 example

I downloaded the trial version of ASPOSE.CELL and looked at the web example. It was evidently written using VS 2003, not 2005. Question is, do you have an 2.0 example (2005) available?

Also, is there a limit to the physical size of what it will handle?

I’m looking at this product to automate an Excel app that is utilizing about 500,000 calculations and is about 90mb in physical size. I need to use this app to pass information from a web interface into the app, then get information back out of it. Is this a good choice?

I don’t really have the time to figure out what the 1/2 million calculations do and rewrite into a SQL/ app, nor the desire to. If this product will work, we’d buy it in a heartbeat.


For compatibility issue, demos are written with VS2002. It works well in VS2003 or VS2005 without any problem. Please use VS2005 to open and convert the project.

Generally the physical size is limited by memory, not Aspose.Cells.

Though Aspose.Cells can handle 500,000 calculations and 90MB files, I don't think it's a good practice to utilize them in a web application. It will be too slow and consume too much memory.

Another user did use Aspose.Cells in their application with a 80MB file. But his application is a batch processing application and it takes several minutes to run his program.