Help on Conversion from MSExcel Interop to ASPOSE.EXCEL


I have a class that encapsulate/wrapper the MSExcel Interop, and now I’m converting using the ASPOSE.EXCEL.

Could you give me the Enumeration for the following:

Excel.XlHAlign, Excel.XlVAlign, Excel.XlOrientation, Excel.Constants, Excel.XlLineStyle, Excel.XlBorderWeight, Excel.XlBordersIndex

Attached is the vb file of my ExcelWrapper. Could you give me a summary of the appropriate method, properties and enum to use in replacement of the the original that i used for MSExcel Interop.


XlHAlign, XlVAlign - TextAlignmentType.

XlOrientation - Please check Style.Rotation.

XlLineStyle, XlBorderWeight - CellBorderType

XlBordersIndex - BorderType

In your code, Constants enumeration is used in color setting. Please check
for reference.


Do you also have the equivalent of the following for ASPOSE.Excel?

ColumnWidth, RowHeight, Rows.EntireRow.AutoFit, Columns.AutoFit


Yes. Please check:

ColumnWidth - Cells.GetColumnWidth, Cells.SetColumnWidth
RowHeight - Cells.GetRowHeight, Cells.SetRowHeight

Rows.EntireRow.AutoFit - Worksheet.AutoFitRow
Columns.EntireColumn.AutoFit - Worksheet.AutoFitColumn


I would like first to thank you in advance for the immediate response back policy your group have.

Do you have an equivalent of the following?



equivalent please:



To lock a cell, please use Cell.Style.IsLocked property.

Comment.Visible property is not supported yet. We will add it in the future release.


How do i get an Address of a range? ex “A1:Z100”


In Aspose.Excel, you can access a range cell by cell. Or you can use Cells.CreateRange method to create a Range object.


Is there a way to combine the CellBorderType for the Border.LineStyle class properties.

example. i would like to combine DashDot with Thick.


No. MS Excel doesn’t support ThickDashDot. You can only use the border type specified in CellBorderType enumeration.


Do you have a Demo code on how to use Add-In for the Enterprise version of ASPOSE.Excel.


My sample code that has an error ( Invalid function format&nbspWink

Dim excel As Excel = New Excel


excel.Worksheets(excel.Worksheets.Count - 1).Name = “Hello World”

excel.Worksheets(“Hello World”).Cells(“C4”).SetAddInFormula(“SOLVER.XLA”, “GoalSeekGoal”)

Could you tell me that i’m doing wrong here?


Please try this:

excel.Worksheets(“Hello World”).Cells(“C4”).SetAddInFormula(“SOLVER.XLA”, “=GoalSeekGoal()”)

Other sample code:

cells[“h11”].SetAddInFormula(“HRVSTTRK.xla”, “=pct_overcut(F3:G3)”);
cells[“h12”].SetAddInFormula(“HRVSTTRK.xla”, “=pct_overcut()”);