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Help With Apose.pdf


I am trying to evaluate Aspose.pdf and I have downloaded the eval copy.

I have a lot of html reports that I want to convert on the fly to PDF.

I have implemented some code to do this using Apose.pdf and the resulting
pdf file only contains the watermark. (The html files being converted are not

The code looks like this:
pdf.BindHTML(Server.MapPath(redirectPage & reportName))

pdf.Save(Server.MapPath(redirectPage & reportName & ".PDF"))

An XML file is being generated in the target directory which matches the size of the original html file. The resultant PDF file is quite small compared to the original html file and the XML file.

What am I missing?

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Can you please attach the html file and let us check it? Css is not supported in the current version.

They do contain embedded CSS. That's definitely a problem. However I'm not sure why it doesn't display anything. But it doesn't really matter as I do need a solution that uses CSS>