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Help with ExchangeClient MailBoxURI parameter


I recently licensed Aspose.Total and have a question related to the ExchangeClient parameter called MailBoxUri.

I am using Aspose.Network.Exchange and am soliciting inputs for the ExchangeClient from users. How do I I explain to them what the definition of the MailBoxURI parameter is?

In other words, how would I explain how one is to "build" or construct the MailBoxURI parameter?


First part is server, that is easy: http://<server>

Second part is the literal "exchange" - is this always the case or is it configurable by the IT folks who set up the Exchange server?

Third part is "mybox" - how does one explain how "mybox" is derived?


Hi Mike,

For the details about the MailBoxURI parameter for Exchange server, you may find this link ( usefull.

In general, its

  1. server name
  2. virtual directory
  3. username + folder