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Hi- how do I post technical questions?

Hi, how do I post technical questions?

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Please feel free to ask your queries here on the forum. If you have any code or documents that can help reproduce your query or issue it would be helpful if you attach them here. Attachments made by you on the forum can only be seen by Aspose staff.


I want to separate slides from my PPT based on a particular text present in the slide using Aspose in C#. In Aspose.pdf there is a facility for this named TextFragmentAbsorber. Is there any similar kind of functionality in Aspose.slide?

Kindly respond ASAP… If there is any code example of splitting then it would be better…

@Naveen194 @caci,

Your query is more related to Aspose.Slides API. We are moving your thread to Aspose.Slides Product Family forum where you will be guided appropriately.


I have observed your requirements and request you to please elaborate the details of your requirement further. Under what criteria you want to separate slides in presentation. By separating slides, do you mean to generate a new presentation for slide meeting criteria.

I have one master presentation consists of multiple slides. I want to find the slides that has a particular text.
For example: I am having text “Account” in some of the slides. I want to separate those slides that contains the text “Account” and create it as a new presentation.
Similar thing I am able to done in Aspose.Pdf using TextFragmentAbsorber. Now I need to do it in Aspose.slides

Kindly respond.


I have observed your comments. I regret to inform that Aspose.Slides have no analogue for Aspose.PDF classes TextFragment and TextFragmentAbsorber.

For above requirements can you please share source file so that we may further investigate on our end and help you out in this issue.

I am unable to share my file as it is in another network and confidential also… The requirement is simple. I want to extract slide from master presentation by searching for some text… I don’t want the exact functionality of TextFragmentAbsorber…
But is there any method or property available in aspose.slides for searching a particular text??.
If that is available then I can clone it in separate presentation. I want that searching part only…

Kindly respond.


Aspose.Slides offers you to traverse all the slides and shapes inside slides having text inside them. You can use the sample code given over following thread link to identify your target text inside presentation slide. Once you identify the text, you have the slide reference number and you can then use slide cloning feature to copy that slide to new presentation and afterwards removing the same from source.

Please visit this documentation link for cloning slides in new presentation. I hope the shared information is sufficent for you to write your own routine to serve the purpose on your end as there is no direct API method to separate a slide based on identified text.

I have seen what you have sent. I got some basic info about searching text in slides. It will be done with the help of ITextFrame it seems. But it is not supported in my aspose.slide as I am using version 8. But to use ITextFrame we have to use version 18 it seems. Is there any alternative available for ITextFrame in Aspose.Slide version 8 ??

Kindly respond.


I have observed your comments. I like to inform that as per Aspose policy, the support is only available on the basis of the latest version of the product. I would suggest you to please try using Aspose.Slides 18.4, which is latest version to date and have many new rich and stable features support as compared to Aspose.Slides 8 version.

Thanks. We have changed the approach… Thanks for all the answers to my queries…