Hidden fields for Table Of Contents entries


i've been working with Aspose.Word for most of a year. and i do a lot of work with existing templates.

now i've just noticed that, when my templates have a Table Of Contents created in Microsoft Word, Aspose.Word causes the hidden fields for the Table Of Contents entries to no longer be hidden.

i've stripped my code down to just opening the document and presenting it to the user via a web browser:

Dim doc As Document = New Document(System.IO.Path.Combine(strDocPath, strDocTemplate))
Dim builder As DocumentBuilder = New DocumentBuilder(doc)
Return doc
Exit Function

but the result is the same. please help! (i've attached my template.)



Thank you for working with Aspose.Word.

This issue should have been already fixed. Please update your version of Aspose.Word to the latest. I've tested your document and it shows okay to me.