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Hidden Slide ID Numbers


I am cloning whole presentations with hidden slides and I was wondering how the slide ids for the hidden slides are calculated.

If slide 1 is slide ID 256 and a second slide is hidden then I would imagine the ID would be 257. This however is not the case because the ID is 267 which is higher than the number of slides in the deck.

I am merging multiple slide decks with internal hyperlinks together so I am rewriting the internal hyperlinks so they still work. This works perfectly well if the slides are not hidden but does not work at all for the hidden slides because of the odd slide IDs.

I also noticed that rewriting the internal hyperlinks does not work correctly on the last slide in the deck???

Also I was wondering if there was a way to detect if a slide was hidden or not?



Hi Alan,

I have tried to understand the issue shared by you. I would first like to know that whether you are looking for support in PPT or in PPTX. Also in PPTX there is property in SlideEx.Hidden that tells whether any slide is hidden or not. Moreover, when you clone slides with internal hyperlinks, they will not be cloned. This is in fact not an issue as well. Like you cloned a slide from source presentation that has an internal hyperlink set for some slide number 3 in same presentation. When you will clone the slide with internal hyperlink, the hyperlink will not be preserved in the target position now. If it is allowed, then there may be some other slide number 3 in target presentation to which it will point, which is wrong. Hope it clarifies the situation,

Many Thanks,