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Hiding an nseries point on column chart

In Excel you can set the interior color of a series point and it's border.LineStyle to "none" so it does not display. In Aspose.Cells I can set the series point border property "IsVisible" to false but I can not find a way to set the interior color to a value that hides the column.

The following allows me to change the color of the point to red:

chart1.NSeries[0].Points[3].Area.ForegroundColor = Color.Red;

I want to set the column to be "transparent", i.e., not visible, but setting the color to Color.Transparent does not work. Any options here...?



Please try the following codes:

//Making a series not visible.

chart.NSeries[0].Area.Formatting = FormattingType.None;
chart.NSeries[0].Line.IsVisible = false;

//Making a point not visible.

chart.NSeries[0].Points[0].Area.Formatting = FormattingType.None;
chart.NSeries[0].Points[0].Border.IsVisible = false;