Hiding Data Label in Charts



Ok allright. However I have other stuffs to add before and after that image in the pdf.



Well, to manipulate PDF file (add other data/stuff in the PDF) you have to use Aspose.Pdf API, so you are already doing fine. Moreover, you may also adopt my approach to generate the PDF and then use Aspose.Pdf to insert your desired stuffs before or after the chart image in the PDF file.


Thank you very much for your advice.




I now want to save the pdf file on Azure Storage. Is it possible to convert
Aspose.Pdf.Document mypdf = new Aspose.Pdf.Document(); to a stream and save that memory stream on cloud.

e.g CloudBlockBlob.UploadFromStream(Stream inputstream);




Please post your query in Aspose.Pdf forum and one of my fellow colleagues from Aspose.Pdf team will help you soon there.



By the way, Aspose.Cells can also save the PDF document to steams, see the following lines of code for your reference:
Sample code:

 using (var stream = new MemoryStream())
                workbook.Save(stream, SaveFormat.Pdf);
                //Your code goes here.



Sorry to bother you again. Actually my clients are telling me to investigate into various Aspose Options. I have now been asked to look into Aspose Words.
Can i use solely aspose words to generate a chart as such:

I have noticed that with Aspose words i can’t neither customise the datalabels text nor change their positons as opposed to Aspose cells.




Well, I 'm afraid, I am not an expert of Aspose.Words API. I would recommend you to kindly post your query into Aspose.Words forums, one of my fellow colleagues from Aspose.Words team will better help you regarding customizing charts (in Word documents) and other aspects, etc.