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Hierarchical View with Data Binding questions

I currently have a grid that is binding data from an IList collection. I am about to have to make drill downs for the data, and it looks like Hierarchical View with Databinding seems like the best to do it.

I have a few questions regarding this Hierarchical View:

1) CustomerCollectionHelper.ConvertRelatedDataSet(IList, IList, string RelationKey)
My two lists has two relations not just one. Is there are way to use two relations keys?

2) How do I call specific cells in the nested Hierarchical view? I know how to do it on a normal grid, what about on a Hierarchical grid?

Not Regarding Hierarchical View:
3) Is it possible to do a sheet.GroupRows() after binding the sheet to a data source? I was able to group rows when I databound to an empty collection, but I couldn’t group rows when my collection had values.


1) Please provide us a sample project to show the issue. Also, give us some screenshot to highlight your desired task.

2) We will provide details for it.

3) Give us sample project to show the issue. We will check it soon.

Thank you.
  1. I attached a cs file that you sent out in another forum. This is where the CustomCollectionHelper.ConvertRelatedDataSet came up.
    <a href="
    I was wondering if you could add 2 relations with the ConvertRelatedDataSet method to only 2 tables. If not I think I can do it without the method by using the following code:
                relation = New DataRelation(“relation”, table1Column, table2Column)

    2) I attached a JPG image for an example. I will be referring to this in my explanation. I would like to make certain cells in the child drop down read only or calculated fields with client side scripting. How do I call these cells in the child window specifically(client-side and code-behind)?

    Like how would I make Cell[1,1] read-only in the Child Window?

    3) If I can call cells in the child drop down, then this will not be an issue.


For the first question , Although we are not completely sure what do you want, but we created a sample (attached), the sample will create data relation by the following ways:


relation = New DataRelation("relation", table1Column, table2Column)


we hope that the sample will meet your requirement. For the second question, we are trying to find a good solution, once we found, we will let you know.

Thank you.

Amjad Sahi:
For the second question, we are trying to find a good solution, once we found, we will let you know.

I'm just checking in on the status of calling and editing the child view.