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Horizontal Scrollbar defaults to the right of the Excel file! How do I reset it?

Dear Support,

I created an Excel file using a Designer Template. In addition, I modified values in the worksheet. When I saved and opened the generated Excel file, the horizontal scrollbar defaults to the right. Is this a result of modifiying values in the worksheet? And how do I resolve it and reset the scrollbar back to the beginning?

Tom Raic
Senior Application Developer
Garvan Interactive

Hi Tom,

Do you set the HScrollbar to the left in your designer template? Could you tell me how to do it in MS Excel? And could you please post your template here? Thank you.

That was it. All I had to do was save the template with the scrollbar to defaulted to the left.


I misunderstood you and had though of the HScrollBar.

About your problem, could you please post your template and generated file here? It can only be viewed by you and Aspose devlopers.

I used the following sample code and attached template file. All work fine.

Excel excel = new Excel();


Which version of Aspose.Excel are you using?