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Horrible Formating Problems with Aspose.Word

I upgraded from to of Aspose.Word to hopefully correct some minor formatting issues.

Now instead of minor issues I have MAJOR issues.

I use your product to Mail Merge and Combine several word templates into one document. Here are a list of problems that one user reported:

None of the margins are holding in the headers and footers.

It is adding tabs when there are not any on the original documents.

Changing bullets to letters.

On FEI-0104-322-E it did not keep any of the formatting.

On some of the endorsements the formatting is not holding in the headers.

How can your newer version be worse than the older version?

SO, I guess my question is: Am I better off going back to or should I upgrade to the newest version. I can't afford to upgrade and make it worse again.

I am attaching a zip file that contains the final output "USAVE-1_FUT6104257_13322_DECDocs.doc" and several of the templates (the rest of the files).

Here are some examples of problems on this doc:

  • On page 4 ... the template has bullets. The final outpage page has numbers.
  • Also on page 4 (and most other templates), the header image is left justified in the template. It is not on the final output.
  • Also on page 4 (and most other templates) the text "All other terms and conditions remain the same." is on one line in the template, but not in the final output ... the final output has a left indent in that cell of the footer table.
  • I am not sure where, but a user has reported that tabs and indents are inserted all over the place in the final output document that were not in the templates.

Let me know if you would like me to provide more information.

Again, my main concern is that I would hate to upgrade again and make things even worse.

Are these things fixed in the new version?

Also, are there formatting things you see in our templates that we should just stay away from?

I am really gun-shy about upgrading your product or suggesting it to others because of these apparent regression type issues that I seem to get from your product.

New versions are better than old ones. In fact, we even give older versions (1.7) away for free with some magazines. We do have lots of regression tests, the code is tested over 1000 files several times a day. Sorry you have trouble with your documents, but please use latest Aspose.Word 3.3. There've been a number of improvements in handling binary doc files since 3.0 as we made some discoveries about previously undocumented areas.