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How can i configer barcode pdf417

i hvae DS 6707 symbol scanner

i print the bar code but i can't read it by scanner

barcode type pdf417

how can i generte plain barcode for reding by scanner

and i have problem with the resolution of generated barcode ? when i print the page once verr large barcode and very small when i change properties of x,y

i want the smallest barcode i can generate and can be scan by DS6707 scanner

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Hello newone,

Thanks for your post!

Could you please send the sample pictures and the souce code to us? The mail is: guangzhou#aspose.com.

And could you tell me what's the proper size (width*height) you need?

hi dean,

thax alot 4 ur interest.

i used sample which u support to unknown83, it's very helpful to me

what i want is to generate barcode (pdf417) with width=5.5 cm ,height=1.5 cm at printed page (hard copy) from top and left of page.

i use A4

and can be read by DS 6707 scanner .

i am now work to add data to array of byte to help me read by any order and know the number of barcode should i read ( like macropdf) ,and i'll use zlib.dll to compress array of byte to generate smaller number of barcode

i want ur suggestion about my future work

thanks alot for ur fast response

Hi newone,

Thanks for your post!

Our developers are working at your issue now. And I'd like to know if you can confirm some matters:

1. You just need to use Aspose.BarCode to print out the barcodes, and you will read the data by you devices (DS 6707), right?

2. The device - DS 6707 do be able to read pdf417 and macropdf417 barcodes, as I kown, the same type of devices can be embeded difference programs so that the devices may support difference symbologies. Could you send us a sample image that your device is able to read?

3. You can use PDF417 in your application but if macroPdf can be applied will be better.


hi dean,

for issue number 1,

i'll use barcode reader and DS6707 device for reading bar code my project should have these 2 option

for issue number 2,

i am just buy this device but in it's documentation, it can rad pdf417 ,macropdf417 and another option (SNAPI with image ,SNAPI without image)

the file i attached i can read 3 barcode only i don't know why and the size is too too big

oh i hae note about generate barcode the first one is smaller than the other why?

for issue number 3,

iam forced to use pdf417 because aspose.barcode not support macro in reading right?


hi dean

where are u?

Hello newone,

Could you please check out the 3 pics from the attaching zip file and then use your DS6707 to test if the device is able to read them?

And here is the zip file for 3 barcode pics, please try them with you device and notice me about the result.


hi dean,

thax for ur interest

it can read all these barcode

what about my request (pdf417) with width=5.5 cm ,height=1.5 cm at printed page (hard copy) from top and left of page. ??? and not rotated

hi newone,

We are doing the printing test and will back to you ASAP. Thanks

hi dean

no new ,

did u forgot me ?

Hi, we are still trying to work out your question, sorry for late.



Could you please try the following setting in your application and tell me the result?

b.xDimension = .4f;
b.yDimension = .4f;
b.Columns = 8;
......//Set the codeText and its max length is less than 700

And please tell me your printer's resolution also.