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How can I do this? or is this even possible?

Hi all,
I want to generate a letter in PDF format. The letter will look something like this.


Your son/daughter, XXXXXX, has been found in violation of policy number XXXX …

The X’s are data from an access database. In addition, the content of the letter (everything that’s not the X’s ) is also from another database. How can I do this in VB ?


Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Pdf.

Are you familiar with Northwind demos ? The data in the demos are from an Access database.

By the way, the download package Aspose.Pdf.msi includes these demos in Visual Basic.

I believe these demos can help you complete your project.

If you still have problem after studying these demos please post your questions here.


I have another “How can I do this, or is this even possible question” for you.

I’m looking for functionality similar to the HTML ColSpan. I plan on creating a table, and I will be inserting rows where some of the columns need to be merged together. I would prefer to be able to do this without creating a new table each time I encounter this situation.

Do you have a solution for this situation?

BTW, one of your competitors currently has this functionality.

Dear Marksman,

Thanks for your consideration.

ColSpan is not supported currently in Aspose.Pdf. We will add support for it later.