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How can we customize tooltip to a new string value for each marker value

How can we customize the tooltip to a new string value for each marker value?


Could you elaborate your requirements and provide complete details on it? Give us details and steps involved on how to accomplish the task in MS Excel manually. Also, provide some sample Excel file(s) to demonstrate your needs. We will check and help you through.

tooltip.png (17.1 KB)
I want to customize tooltip text. “Series 4 Point 16 value…” to a new text

I could not find any direct way to achieve this functionality using MS Excel, however people have done it using ActiveX control and VBA by handling chart events. As Aspose.Cells does not support executing VBA, therefore this technique cannot be used with it. You may please share some steps other than this technique for customizing the chart tooltip using MS Excel along with the sample Excel file. We will analyze the information and share our feedback accordingly.

its a PowerPoint not excel

As you have posted query in Aspose.Cells forum, therefore we investigated it for MS Excel. We are moving your query to Aspose.Slides where respective support team will assist you about Power Point.

We have already discussed this issue with you here. Please, do not duplicate topics on forums in the future.