How do I correctly use Manual Feed in Word?


I currently use a HP Laserjet 4500 printer at my developement site for testing Word Templates and printing generated documents; however, when I go to PageSetup in Word there is not a Manual Feed item in the paper select drop down list.

So, I installed another print driver that has a Manual Feed Tray such as an HP Laserjet 4P and within my Template I set the tray to Manual Feed and saved the Template, but the generated document doesnot pull from the Manual Feed Tray.

However, when I have an envelope in a document it pulls from the Manual Feed Tray.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can control when a page is printed to the Manual Feed Tray?

Thank you.


Are you printing from MS Word or from Aspose.Words using Aspose.Words.Viewer?


Printing from within Microsoft Word.


Sorry, I can hardly provide any meaningful advise without hands-on experiments with the specific printer and its driver.