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How do I insert html

I have a cell object as part of a table and I have a valid html string. How do I get the html string into the cell and have it rendered as html?

Dear van ice,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry this feature is not supported yet. We will consider adding supported for this feature in the future version. I hope this can be available in Oct.

Is there any time table for the functionality requested by van ice?

We have made plan for this feature. I hope it can be available at late Oct.

is the plan late Oct up-to-date?

is the plan late Oct up-to-date ?

We are now working on this issue. I am afraid we can’t publish this feature late this month. I hope this feature can be available at middle next month. BTW, can you please provide a example of your HTML string? We can only support simple HTML in the first version of this feature.

what i need is only “simple HTML” .

tables, lists, paragraphs, links and a little text-formating whould be enough. I don’t need Css!