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How do I resize a table row's height if there is too much text in a cell?

What is currently going on:
I am adding text to table cells. There is often more text on the cell than can fit. This causes the text to overflow and become unreadable.

What I want to happen:
When the text doesn't fit in a cell, I want to increase the height of the given row to make the text fit.

What the problem is:
The problem is that I have no way to tell how much space the text is taking up. Without this information I can't calculate the proper height to resize.

What I tried so far:
There isn't a magic number I can just multiply the number of characters by becuase diffrent characters have diffrent widths.

If I run the sting though System.Drawing.Graphics.MeasureString I can see a width in pixels, but I have no idea how to convert this to something I can use in aspose.

Can anyone help me? I'm looking to find out what to pass SetRowHeight.

Edit: I found the solution - I needed compare the width of something in powerpoint and measurestring. I can use that to find what width to use. I could then find the number of rows and then convert it back.

Really, you should set row height to some minimal value, for example 10.
You have to call this function for each row in a table.
After that height of each row will be recalculated automatically.

Thanks. You were right - all my problems came from the fact I was just using a very old dll. Once I upgraded, it automaticly resized the height for me if I asked it to.