How do you print a document?

The following code was taken from an Aspose sample and then edited to use the variable naming conventions required by my company.
The code shows how to use the print dialog allowing the user to proceed or not with a printout of the document. Is there a sample that simply shows how to go directly to the printing of a document on a button click event?

Public Shared Sub PrintDocument(ByVal docDocument As Aspose.Words.Document)
    'Instantiate Print Dialog
    Dim prtdlgPrintDialog As New System.Windows.Forms.PrintDialog
    'Initialize Print Dialog parameters
    prtdlgPrintDialog.AllowSomePages = True
    prtdlgPrintDialog.PrinterSettings.MinimumPage = 1
    prtdlgPrintDialog.PrinterSettings.MaximumPage = docDocument.PageCount
    prtdlgPrintDialog.PrinterSettings.FromPage = 1
    prtdlgPrintDialog.PrinterSettings.ToPage = docDocument.PageCount
    'Check if the user accepted the print settings and proceed to preview the document
    If (Not prtdlgPrintDialog.ShowDialog().Equals(DialogResult.OK)) Then
        Return 'User did not accept the Print Dialog print settings

    End If
    'Instantiate a special Aspose.Words implementation of the .NET PrintDocument Class
    Dim pdPrintDocument As New AsposeWordsPrintDocument(docDocument)

    'Pass the printer settings from the Print Dialog to the Print Document pdPrintDocument.PrinterSettings = prtdlgPrintDialog.PrinterSettings
    'Create an overridden version of the .NET Print Preview Dialog to preview the document
    Dim ppdPrintPreviewDialog As New ActivePrintPreviewDialog()
    'Pass the Aspose.Words Print Document to the Print Preview Dialog
    ppdPrintPreviewDialog.Document = pdPrintDocument 'Specify additional parameters of the Print Preview dialog
    ppdPrintPreviewDialog.ShowInTaskbar = True
    ppdPrintPreviewDialog.MinimizeBox = True
    ppdPrintPreviewDialog.PrintPreviewControl.Zoom = 1
    ppdPrintPreviewDialog.Document.DocumentName = "TestName.doc"
    ppdPrintPreviewDialog.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized
    'Show the appropriately configured Print Preview Dialog

End Sub

Public Class ActivePrintPreviewDialog
    Inherits PrintPreviewDialog
    Protected Overrides Sub OnShown(ByVal e As EventArgs)
        'Brings the Print Preview dialog on top when it is initially displayed
    End Sub
End Class

Thank you.

Thanks for your request. Please see the following link to learn how to achieve what you need:
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The code you suggested worked fine. Thank you.