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How I can get a list of an objects linked to the Visio document

Sorry. I’m a beginner in the Aspose.Diagram. Can you advise me how I can get a list of an objects linked to the Visio document. How I can get a list of full paths to these objects?

Andrey Demyanov,
BlueCielo ECM solutions


Can you please tell us that which objects you want to retrieve? Are these OLE Objects or some Shapes? Please share a sample Visio File for our reference along with the information of objects you want to get from it. We will share our feedback with you accordingly.

Hi. This is simple sample. Bmp is inserted as object. Insert->Object->Create from file->Select file, Check “Link to file”, OK.
I want to get from the Diagram the path to the (69.3 KB)
This solution will be implemented on C#.


Are you able to extract the image path by opening it in MS Visio? Please share a screenshot if you are able to do it in MS Visio so that we can further proceed to help you out.