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How to add Predecessor(Task Link) in export mpp file

Hi Sankar,

I have tried to re-produce the scenario by using sample code given above with a “Blank2007.mpp” and Aspose.Tasks for .NET 7.3.0. The error message “The imported data does not match the destination field type” was observed while opening the output file in MSP 2007, however no difference could be observed in the dates. Could you please share your code along with sample data which can be used here to observe the problem and provide assistance?

P.S. I would request you to discontinue this thread and start new thread for different issues like this one under discussion. It will help you, as well as us to follow the issue in a proper way.

Dear kashif.iqbal ,

The below issue was fixed have some problm in Mirosoft Proejct after reinstallation the issue will be solved.

Now i created "MPP" file in some hard code path

for example:

string ExportFile = "C:/TRON Project/WebSite1/MPP Sample/ExportMPP.mpp";

Exportproject.Save(ExportFile, Aspose.Tasks.Saving.SaveFileFormat.MPP);

My question is,

any SaveAS option is there ?,how can i remove this hard code value.

How can i choose store the file any where in local disk.

Adavnce thanks,


Sankar A

Hi Sankar,

There is no UI element available in Aspose.Tasks that can be used to open the SaveFileDialog. Therefore you may please use the following sample code to save the file anywhere on the local disc:

Project proj = new Project(@“D:\Aspose\Blank2010.mpp”);
SaveFileDialog saveFileDialog1 = new SaveFileDialog();
saveFileDialog1.Filter = “Project File|*.mpp”;
saveFileDialog1.Title = “Save as Project File”;

// If the file name is not an empty string open it for saving.
if (saveFileDialog1.FileName != “”)
proj.Save(saveFileDialog1.FileName, SaveFileFormat.MPP);

Dear kashif

if we using windows based application we can use the code what ur send.

but this is webbased application so savefiledialog option is not there.

how can i handle this situvation.


Sankar A

Hi Sankar,

You may please refer here for getting similar code which can be used in web based application to save the resultant project file.

Please feel free to write us back for any other query.