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How to assign page-no after merge two pdf

i am using aspose.pdf.kit to concate two pdf file but can’t assign page number to my new-created file.

please help on this.


Dear Sojib,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Can the kit concatenate two pdf files correctly? If the kit works well on your machine, it copies the pages of second file and adds to the end of the first, so the total page number of new-created pdf is the sum of two, each page from second file in new file has a new number. But the page number is not printed on the each page as content.
Maybe my answer does not satisfy you, if so, can you detail your requirement?

Best regards.

dear william,
i am concating two pdf file and made a new one. now i want to assign page number to the newly created file.but cann’t do that.

so pls help me, how can assign page numbers from 1 to n to the new file.



Do you want to rearrange the pages of new-created file? If so, you can use the Insert() method to merge two files instead of Concatenate(), the sample code is showed here.

Good luck.