How to change Catagory X Axis Label with Apose.Cells


I have a excel file (with chart) and used as a template to generate output. Basically, my VB.NET program will open the file and populate data region. What I want to do, is programming change the NSeries and “Catagory X Axis Label”. I can manage how to change NSeries, but dont know where I can change “Catagory X Axis Label”. Can someone give me a hand please.


Aspose.Cells doesn’t support to change this setting for charts in template file. You have to create those charts at run time. Then Aspose.Cells can set them by code.


Thanks for your reply. I believe it would be great if future version of Apose.Cells support this feature, since it greatly reduce lines of code and bugs if most of the formatting has been done in prior. How can I do it if I want to create a chart with Catagory X Axis Label property? So far the example I found in Wiki did not have it. Thanks a lot.


Please check .

You can use CategoryData property to set category axis label. And you can check chart demos source code in the latest version.

This is the online demos: .