How to change position of a data label in a doughnut chart


Hey there,

Can you please let me know how can I change position of a datalabel that is currently coming on the doughnut arc so I move it to the centre of the doughnut?.

I am able to move it manually in powerpoint. Let me know how aspose can help me achieve this?

Rashid Khan



I have observed your requirements and request you to please share the required presentation that you want to generate and we will try our best to help you further.


Hi Mudassir,

Basically i want a doughnut chart (progress circle) and the data label be displayed in the centre.
category would be single such as “updating…” and series would be “progress percent” and “remaining percent”
i want to display the progress percent data label in the centre of the doughnut.



Can you please share your requirements in form of sample presentation. If this is possible in PowerPoint than this will be possible in Aspose.Slides as well.